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A website is more than beautiful design and compelling content

Why web accesibility matters - displayed on laptop screen

Making websites accessible to the widest possible audience is important.
To illustrate this I took the liberty to write some words in Braille. However a blind person cannot feel these dots on the screen, (s)he can still tell you what the message says.

According WHO's factsheet n° 352 (12/2015) about 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disablility:

Even more people than the physical and impaired people combined have a cognitive disability:

About 8 to 10% of the world's population is colour blind:

Colour blindness statistics retrieved from www.webexhibits.org
Tritanopiablue< 0.010.03%
Tritanomalyblue< 0.01%< 0.01%

Some examples that help improve accessibilty:

  1. Visual impaired:
  2. Hearing impaired
  3. Motor impaired
  4. Cognitive impaired

If you want to read more about "web accessibility" (the two words in Braille), why it matters, and what more we can do to improve it, I suggest reading these:

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